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Anti-Aging Facial Cupping

This gentle, but effective treatment makes you look and feel youthful and radiant! It utilizes a light suction technique that is an all-natural alternative to a surgical facelift or laser and chemical treatments. It tones your facial muscles and reduces under eye puffiness.

 This cutting edge treatment literally gives you a face lift by improving the blood circulation and lymph flow to your facial muscles therefore improving the detoxification, purificiation and nutrient exchange to the skin and tissues. This treatment is a very unique way of rejuvinating the skin!

Facial cupping is a traditional, time-honored treatment that remains favored by millions worldwide because it’s safe, comfortable and remarkably effective. Women in Asia, Russia, and Europe have been utilizing these remarkable facial cupping techniques for rejuvenation and maintenance for 5000 years. It was one of the secrets of the Geisha!


What are the benefits?

Reduces puffiness

Lifts muscles

Reduces dark circles

Minimizes under-eye bags

Firms jowls

Minimizes wrinkles

Plumps lips

Diminishes facial scars

Reduces sinus & allergies

Relieves headaches & ear aches

Decreases TMJ pain and swelling








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