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What is Cupping Therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy got rid of my carpal tunnel!

This therapy saved my career! I was suffering with shooting, sharp, burning and stabbing pains in my right wrist and I had tried Chiropractic, Massage, stretching and ice with no success. 5 minutes into every massage the pain was excruciating!

Thankfully a trusted friend talked me into trying Cupping from an Acupuncturist. After 2 sessions ALL the symptoms were gone!

I immediately began looking into training to become Certified in this amazing ancient healing tradition.

6 months after my healing I was enrolled in Contemporary Cupping Methods and 6 months following that I took the Advanced Cupping Methods Course.

I have been practicing cupping for 10 years now and have seen it bring great relief to many of my clients with sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis and scoliosis.


Cupping Therapy Healing Massage Technique from Massage Bliss Fort Collins


Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine in which a localized suction is created on the skin;
it's believed to enhance blood flow in order to promote healing.

Suction is created using heat (fire) or mechanical devices (hand or electrical pumps).




Fire cupping is a treatment where a cotton ball dipped in denatured alcohol is lit and then ran around the outside lip of the cup to warm it. It is then introduced inside the cup for a brief second. 

The cup is then gently placed on the client. A small vacuum is created by the cooling of the hot air and gases inside the cup which then draws the skin up into the cup creating a seal.

If oil has been applied, the cups can be used to massage the client using effleurage or slow gliding movements. Or they can be left stationary on certain points around the spine to enhance the treatment.



Life developed under the influence of the earth's magnetic field. It logically follows that magnetism and the interference with the body's electromagnetic activity plays a a major role in health and disease.

Electrical activity in the body is essential. Our bodies need the energy provided by free electrons. We usually get them from food, water and the air we breathe. These "free" electrons, (Chi, Ki, Orenda, Univeral Life Force) are the catalyst, the life force that burns oxygen in the cells. It is believed that magnetic energy field and Bio-magnetic energy levels in the body to determine its resistance to "dis-ease" (disease)

In this treatment cups with positive and negatively charged magnets inside them are placed along the sides of the spine, legs or glutes to help treat sciatica and other chronic conditions.

The basic theory behind the use of magnets has been applied to pain management and injury. All body tissues seem to respond to magnetic therapy, including bone and nerve tissue. 




The Banguanfa cups come in many different sizes and because they are soft silicone they easily change shape; making for an amazing array of places these cups can be used on the body. Traditional plastic cups are difficult or impossible to use on the elbows, knees, scapulae, hands, feet, abdominals, shoulders, spine, etc.

Bony prominences are no longer off limits to these movable cups. Their flexibility make them the best choice in deep tissue massage, myofascial release and dynamic cupping during joint manipulations. 


One of the common and unfortunate misconceptions concerning cupping is the misinterpretation of the discoloration.

There is no compression in properly employed suction cup therapy. Although it is quite common during Stationary
Cupping (left static for 5 - 20 minutes) to achieve dramatic '

"marks" or "discolorations", the less aggressive action of moving the cups, minimizes the intensity and duration of these.

“Bruising” is caused by impact trauma with breakage of capillaries and reactionary rush of fluids to the damaged area from the tissue compression/injury.







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